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Wenger Furniture is proud to take an active role in community events in the greater Los Angeles area. We are a third generation family store at our same location for over 70 years. We have grown old with our community. However, when it comes to getting involved with our neighbors, we have a strong youthful spirit to help our community grow and prosper. We enjoy giving support to many organizations that display the same values as our store.

 We're Proud to Support these Organizations




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Door of Hope 

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                           Wenger Furniture and Appliances has a friendly working relationship with Door of Hope Community Center on Atlantic Blvd. When we need a job done at our store,  we place a call to their office and they send capable workers right over. Each month Door of Hope helps us by providing us with instant extra employees. Also, when Door of Hope needs a donation to help a family with furniture or appliance needs,  we are very eager to help.
They do such a remarkable job.  Door of Hope services youth, adults, seniors and the disabled residing in the surrounding East Los Angeles communities. The facility is a full-resource community center for over 25 years. Although we serve mostly a Latino population, we have always and will continue to serve all ethnicity's in the East Los Angeles and surrounding communities of Los Angeles County.
The Door of Hope Community Center provides the community with many social services.  For youth, the WIA Title l program that provides basic skills and job development, GED assistance, and placement services. In addition, the center houses a food bank, a gym, and a computer lab for the entire community to enjoy. Moreover, the center provides case management and counseling services in anger management, teen pregnancy, substance abuse, intervention, etc. Furthermore, Door of Hope serves as a training ground by providing local college interns and court-appointed community service volunteers with a great work experience.

East Los Angeles Christmas Parade

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                                  Each year Wenger Furniture and Appliances has been a sponsor of our community parade. In November of 2016 we sponsored our company float and sponsored the kick-off breakfast held at our community fire-station for all the attending dignitaries.  
This parade is the largest and longest running Christmas parade focusing our East Los Angeles community. The East Los Angeles Christmas Parade had run 35 consecutive years until a recession hit Los Angeles County in 2008. Our glorious parade was absent for 7 years until the Whittier Blvd. Merchants Association, WBMA, pleaded with supervisor Hilda Solis to help us kick start the parade back to our community. With her support, the WBMA brought the parade back to the Whittier Boulevard Shopping District. 
Our event this year was a traditional parade with spectacular floats, marching bands, equestrian units, cheer leading squads, state senators, assemblymen, US Congressmen, Congresswomen, and special celebrities. We used our traditional route through the historic Whittier Boulevard Shopping District which is the heart of East Los Angeles.
Wenger Furniture's representative, James Wenger, was on the parade committee from the late 1980s-1997 and was also on the 2016 committee.

Whittier Blvd. Merchants Association

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Wenger Furniture is located in the heart of East Los Angeles within a shopping district of about 210 stores large and small. Our small community is called an unincorporated area of Los Angeles County. We helped form a business association  that has worked hard to improve the The governing body watching over us is our LA County Supervisors, helping us be an important member of the WBMA.
The Whittier Blvd. Merchants Association has contributed immensely to the improvement of the East Los Angeles community. East Los Angeles is largely impacted from graffiti in all locations of our community. At a Merchant's Association meeting, the Community Youth Gang Services Program introduced a graffiti removal program. This program will help all merchants on Whittier Boulevard paint over the ugly graffiti marks that are on our storefronts, community building storefronts and alleyways. The Community youth gang services will provide all the merchants with the necessary paint supplies and the labor for the graffiti removal and they also offer sandblasting when necessary. The Merchant Association wants to encourage each merchant on Whittier to use this program and erase the graffiti from our community.
The Whittier Blvd. Merchants Association is not only concerned about erasing the graffiti in our community, but they are also very concerned about the outstanding amount of traffic. The Eastern Avenue on-ramp between Whittier and Olympic Boulevards had been closed for over 3 years. This ramp is the primary way the people of East Los Angeles access the 710 freeway. The closure affected the customers of more than 215 businesses on Whittier Blvd. The issue affected the normalcy and the economy of the entire Whittier Boulevard Shopping District. Numerous attempts were made to resolve this issue by contacting government officials such as our State Representatives, Los Angeles County Supervisors as well as Caltrans. None of these worked until the WBMA started a petition to reopen the eastern avenue ramp that had caused so much trouble. A total of 310 signatures were received by the East Los Angeles community who wanted their voice to be heard. The Whititer Boulevard Merchants Association made the reopening of the Eastern on-ramp possible for their community.
The Whittier Boulevard Demonstration Clean-up Project was also created by the Whittier Blvd. Merchants Association. This Project was publicly funded, designed to alleviate the problem of pedestrian litter derived shoppers and persons using Whittier Boulevard. It was designed to keep Whittier Boulevard's huge little problem under control. Additional benefits included steam cleaning, graffiti removal from public works street furniture, public parking lot cleaning and landscaping. This project initiated in March of 1993 and is still present thanks to the WBMA.


Community Watch Program

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The Sheriff's department is less than a mile away from the biggest community shopping district in East Los Angeles - Whittier Blvd Shopping District. This is one of the most important shopping districts with stores such as Wenger Furniture, The Boulevard Cafe,  Fallas Paredes Clothing and the new Nike Town.  Because of the proximity to the Sheriff's office and friendly neighborhoods surrounding the area, a closeness has been created between our sheriff and the Whittier Blvd. Merchant's Association - WBMA.
There are community meetings each month with the Sheriff's Dept. to discuss major issues that are affecting the merchants on a daily basis. Through these meetings, with the help of the LA County Supervisors Office we are fighting neighborhood graffiti, illegally parked food trucks, homelessness, burglary and theft,  illegal street vending and the growth of marijuana dispensaries.
The success is clear - our neighborhood watch program on the  "Boulevard" is working. The people of our East Los Angeles area can peacefully stroll the boulevard,  enjoy all types of shopping and eat at the yummiest restaurants.  As we focus on keeping our community free of gangs and with our zero tolerance of graffiti,   our shopping district will attract more of the finest restaurants and top notch retail stores.
Graffiti has been a tremendous problem in our business community. Our customers do not want to see graffiti on the outside of stores, sidewalks, bus stops and in the alleyways. Therefore, the Merchant Association wants to encourage each merchant on Whittier to use this program. Let's ease all the graffiti from our Community. Whittier Boulevard is a beautiful place to shop. With the support of the Community Watch Program we can lower graffiti, and many other things.

 Latino Walk of Fame

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The Latino Walk of Fame is the modified version of the Hollywood walk of fame, but with the focus of Latino actors, singers, and much more. Receiving a Sun Plaque represented your loyalty, community contribution, and respect for the East Los Angeles community. Many on the Latino Walk of Fame have played a huge role in the Latino community, and the Sun Plaque serves to commemorate their talent, and hard work. The Latino Walk of Fame was inaugurated on April 30, 1997 on the streets of Whittier Blvd. A total of 230 plaques were placed in the heart of East LA and to this day they are still appreciated by our Latino community. 
The Walk of Fame is located on both sides of Whittier Boulevard between Atlantic Boulevard and Eastern Avenue. This is unique because it is the first public area in California solely devoted to honoring Latino leaders who have made contributions to American society. These contributions have been evident in every facet of American life, including academia, politics, theater, film, sports and many more professions. There is a whole Latin world out there, composed of Los Angeles largest and oldest minority, that is unknown, unexplained and under appreciated by the Anglo world.

The Walk of Fame is an effort to showcase the many Latin heroes who often are overlooked in American Life. Latinos can tend to be a private people keeping within their family and religious groups, making it difficult for their family and religious groups, making it difficult for the general public to understand their culture beyond what they glimpse through Mexican food, music, art and Cinco de Mayo. The Walk of Fame hopes to dispel some of the stereotypes put forth in the media of Latinos as no more than gang members, and illegal aliens. Instead, it would like to focus on some of the Latino leaders and heroes who have contributed to life in Los Angeles and Southern California for generations. It is about time to say thank you to our Latino friends and neighbors who have helped create our beautiful city of Los Angeles. 
The Walk of Fame, also, hopes to highlight the contributions by Latinos that American history has failed to recognize, including how their participation in the United States' wars contributed to the freedom the U.S. experiences today. Latinos have fought in every American war in greater proportion than their percentage of the population. More than 10,000 Latinos fought in the U.S. Civil War. Thousands of Latinos died in the two World Wars and the Korean War. In Vietnam, Latinos suffered 20 percent of the casualties, while making up less than 5 percent of the U.S. population. In the Persian Gulf War, it was estimated that between 36 percent and 40 percent of the combat troops were Latinos, while making up only 10 percent of the general population. In every war Latinos have fought with courage and unquestioned loyalty.



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Wenger Furniture and Appliances has been serving southern California for over 70 years. We are a 3rd generation family business with more than 46 family members having worked at some point in our store between 1947 to today. We have created a friendly store that is a fun place to be and you will always find what you need for your home. We guarantee that if you are looking for the newest appliances for your kitchen remodel, we have them! Check out the new LG  and Samsung “Door in Door” refrigerators – see through the clear glass doors for convenience.               LDG4311ST_Primary.jpg  048.jpg
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Even if you just want to come in to talk about anything from politics to the Dodgers we welcome every question. Spending time in our store will give you a comfortable feeling that we are the place to help you furnish your home.  We have the newest designs in furniture with the quality you want. Simply, “The Best for Less.”
Our store has the latest designs: Traditional, Transitional, Retro, Modern, French, Country and, of course, sophisticated, unique styles for the new Millennials. With the help of our trained sales staff, you can find the perfect bedroom set that you will enjoy for years and eventually, pass on to your kids. As well, you can find a dream dining room set featuring a stylish table top and sturdy chairs that can make your family dinner a special place to be.
 Our team of advisors will make your dreams come true. It’s easy to choose a new living room set because our designers have set up special 14 pc package vignettes with matching sofas, loves, occasional tables, lamps, rugs and accessories. 51902-38-35-T210.jpg Also for your bedroom, if you are having trouble sleeping, our Sleep Team will help you choose the best Sealy or Cool Gel set that is right for you.  Let us do all the work for you.
Wenger Furniture and Appliances is your “one stop shop” when it comes to designing your perfect home.  Plus, our store is conveniently located in Los Angeles and we are open 7 days each week. Please come see us first. With over 45 living room set, 56 Bedroom sets and 60 dining room sets, we will have the unique set for your home that fits your budget.